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Center for Social Innovation

Socially Responsible Business

Redefining Consumerism: Innovations in Product Sustainability

Andy Ruben, Co-founder, Yerdle
Published: July 29, 2013
[photo - Andy Ruben]
Download  27 minutes, recorded 2012-10-10
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Steven Ng
Abigail Andrews
Zach Jenson

Corporate Responsibility Through the Stakeholder’s Lens

C.B. Bhattacharya, Dean of International Relations, European School of Management and Technology
Published: June 18, 2013
[photo - C.B. Bhattacharya]
Download  46 minutes, recorded 2013-03-14

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Kendra Livingston
Zach Jenson

Social Entrepreneurship and Cocoa Farmers

John Kehoe, VP Sourcing and Development, TCHO
Published: February 03, 2011
[photo - Picture: Kehoe]
Download  38 minutes, 17.7mb, recorded 2010-09-04
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Robb Lepper
Marguerite Rigoglioso
Ash Jafari

An interview with Michael DeLapa (MBA '85)

Michael DeLapa (MBA '85)

What are your causes?

Environmental health, land use policy, ocean conservation, energy and climate, Monterey County politics, public participation in policy-making, youth sports, in particular beach volleyball.

How do you contribute?

I co-founded three environmental nonprofits: LandWatch Monterey County, a land use and social advocacy group; the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, a "community foundation" for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary; and Sea Studios Foundation, an environmental film, video, and social media organization. I also launched Environmental Defense Fund's California Fisheries Fund, serving as it's first fund director, and served on the board of directors of Save Our Shores. I'm currently an executive coach and strategic advisor to the new Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute.

What are important lessons you learned?

Have fun. Be challenged. Start a business or nonprofit with people you enjoy spending time with. Give generously of yourself. Coach kids sports as much as possible. Be persistent, but be patient. Don't do anything just for money. Love what you do.

What are your favorite social innovation resources?

Other social and private sector entrepreneurs. They're always thinking.

Any last thought you would like to share?

Stanford Business School and the Public Management Program provided a great educational foundation and professional network. It gave me the confidence to try a lot of different things in my career without fear of failure. I'm also thrilled that the new business school left the two sand volleyball courts alone. I continue to enjoy competitive games there a couple times a week.

Sourcing Locally for Impact

Author: Ethan B. Kapstein & René Kim
Stanford Social Innovation Review, Fall 2011
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Modern Management: Good for the Environment or Just Hot Air?

Research by:
Nicholas Bloom, Associate Professor of Economics and Senior Fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research and, by courtesy, of Economics at the GSB, Christos Genakos, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Ralf Martin, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Raffaella Sadun, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research
Published: 2010

Source: Economic Journal; May2010, Vol. 120 Issue 544, p551-572, 22p