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Dale Miller

An "Awe"-some Volunteer Recruitment Strategy

Are you in an organization that’s looking to recruit volunteers for the summer? Here’s a useful tip: Inspire them to feel awe. According to new research, awe makes people feel as though they have more available time. A sense of more time, the study shows, translates to a greater willingness to volunteer. Read More

Stanford Community Forum

Laura Weidman Powers

Find Comfort in Being Uncomfortable

Laura Weidman Powers, MBA ‘10 and CODE2040 Founder, talks to TechRepublic about closing the wealth and ethnicity gap in the tech industry, addressing uncomfortable issues, and creating real change.

Nonprofit Board

Choosing a Nonprofit Board

Stanford GSB alumni and industry experts provide insight into having an impact from the boardroom and tips for selecting the right nonprofit board to serve on.

Faculty Corner

Healthcare Data

Big Data Improving Healthcare

Professor Mohsen Bayati shows how data analysis can help lower patients’ risk of hospital readmission.

Healthy Workplace

Work is Dangerous to Our Health

Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer presents a devastating case for the negative effects of U.S. workplaces on our health.

Social Innovation Ideas


Digital Storytelling for Social Impact

Foundations need to shift from the prevailing model of strategic philanthropy that attempts to predict outcomes to an emergent model that better fits the realities of creating social change in a complex world.


Can Trade Prevent War?

A new network model, developed by Stanford economist Matthew O. Jackson, suggests that international trade alliances are considerably more effective than military ones at keeping the peace.


Nonprofit Management Institute 2014

September 9-10, Stanford University


September 10-12, The Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Executive Program in Social Entrepreneurship

February 8-13, 2015, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Applications are due November 3.

Center for Social Innovation

The Center for Social Innovation at Stanford Graduate School of Business cultivates leaders to solve the world's toughest social and environmental problems. Graduates from the Center's Public Management and Social Innovation Program help corporations improve their sustainable practices and launch social enterprises that bring life-changing solutions, such as loans to small businesses and safe lighting to the world's poorest communities.

The Center provides research, education, and experiential programs that reach across the business, nonprofit, and government worlds and promotes the development of innovative solutions to build a more just, sustainable, and prosperous world.

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