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Social Innovation Today e-Newsletter - December 2014

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Dale Miller

Happy Holidays from the Center for Social Innovation

With thanks and appreciation for our community of social innovators, and in memory of the esteemed Greg Dees who passed away one year ago, I selected insights from my Stanford colleagues for their potential to support you as active agents of social change. Let this be our gift to you in this holiday season. The fantastic impact you have in the world is our collective reward.

Dale Miller
Morgridge Professor of Organizational Behavior
Claude N. Rosenberg Jr. Director of the Center for Social Innovation

A Look Back at 2014

Value Chain

Happy vs. Meaningful Life

Professor Frank Flynn looks at the difference between “happiness” and “meaning” in life.


Ten Tips for Building Networks

Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer explains how to better connect to the people who matter in work and life.

Greg Dees

Remembering Greg Dees' Insights

A reflection on the life of a social entrepreneurship pioneer by his colleague, Beth Battle Anderson.

Scale Excellence

How Do You Scale Excellence?

Professors Hayagreeva Rao and Robert Sutton discuss their new book, Scaling Up Excellence, which reveals how the best leaders and teams develop, spread, and instill the right growth mindset in their organization.

Group Behavior

What Makes Us Want to Help Others?

Professor Frank Flynn describes how perceptions of “group membership” can influence whether others decide to help in emergency situations.

Power Plant

So You Want to Be a Board Member

Professor Dale Miller summarizes experienced board members' advice for selecting your first board.



Building High-Impact Nonprofit Boards

Jan 29, 2015, Stanford University

Survey on the Board of Directors of Nonprofit Organizations

Do you serve on a nonprofit board? Participate in our research survey to help provide insights into the structure and workings of boards of directors of nonprofit organizations.

Center for Social Innovation

The Center for Social Innovation at Stanford Graduate School of Business cultivates leaders to solve the world's toughest social and environmental problems. Graduates from the Center's Public Management and Social Innovation Program help corporations improve their sustainable practices and launch social enterprises that bring life-changing solutions, such as loans to small businesses and safe lighting to the world's poorest communities.

The Center provides research, education, and experiential programs that reach across the business, nonprofit, and government worlds and promotes the development of innovative solutions to build a more just, sustainable, and prosperous world.

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