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Center for Social Innovation

River Run Development Company

Academic Case Study by:
Terry L. Anderson, J. Bishop Grewell
Published: 2001

In 1977, Peter O’Neill envisioned a 120-acre residential community running alongside the Boise River to the east of Idaho’s capital city. He planned to cater to the desire of the modern-day homeowner for a natural environment. This would ensure a premium value for both residents in the development and those nearby.

There was, however, a problem. In order to keep water continually flowing to one of the development streams, River Run would require additional water flow from the Boise River. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game worried that O’Neill’s plan might harm trout populations and the spawning potential in the Boise River.

O’Neill, on the other hand, believed his idea could improve trout numbers. All he needed now was to convince the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and several other government agencies. 

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