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Center for Social Innovation

Leena Ved (MBA '02)

An interview with Leena Ved (MBA '02)

Published: October 20, 2011

GSB Alum
Areas of activity:
Social Entrepreneurship
What are your causes?

1) Providing high quality educational opportunities for under-served children, including now launching 7 schools. 2) Addressing the financing gap in impact investing supporting early stage companies.

How do you contribute?

First, as a volunteer board member with charter schools. Secondly as a social impact investor, building a portfolio of for profit social enterprises addressing poverty alleviation in the US and Asia. Third through a 10 year career in K-12 education, including helping to run executive training programs for education leaders. And importantly, as a mentor to young women social entrepreneurs.

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What are important lessons you learned?

-'If you are a giraffe, don't try to be a leopard.' E.g. understand yourself and your unique strengths and build a meaningful career over what you love. -Align yourself with mentors, and mentor others often, particularly for women. -If you believe in people, they will rise to the level of encouragement and expectation. -Ask the right questions.