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Center for
Social Innovation

Center for Social Innovation


Explore the transformative power of business

As an MBA or MSx Masters student, you will be exposed to issues of social and environmental stewardship as part of the core curriculum. These topics, once considered optional for corporate leaders, are now integral to organizational success.

In addition, our portfolio of 30-40 public management elective classes will help you develop the management skills and frameworks needed to address public issues.

Completion of 16 or more units in PM/SI qualifying elective classes, along with participation in PM/SI Program Practicum, makes you eligible for the Public Management and Social Innovation Certificate.

[photo - design for extreme affordability class in session]

Academic Opportunities

Our diverse and rigorous academic curriculum provides you with both the theory and the tools for successful community leadership. The PM/SI Certificate signals your preparation for and commitment to addressing societal and environmental challenges.

[photo - learning from gavin newsom’s leadership lessons]

Speakers & Workshops

Thought leaders share their vision, experience, and wisdom with Stanford students in ongoing speaker events.