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Khosla Ventures: Investing in Ethanol

Academic Case Study by:
Erica L. Plambeck, Joshua Spitzer
Published: 2007
Topics: Environment
[photo - Erica L. Plambeck]

“Khosla Ventures: Investing in Ethanol” presents the background and premise of Khosla Ventures’ investments in the ethanol value chain. It asks students to determine where in the ethanol value chain Khosla should consider investing, how the firm should invest in strategic innovations, and how the firm should engage the complex non-market environment surrounding the ethanol value chain.

The case study should be paired with Stanford GSB case study number OIT-52, “A Technical Note on Ethanol as a Motor Fuel."

GSB Faculty, Students and Staff only may view PDF document, authorization required.

Paper Copy: You may purchase this case from Harvard Business Publishing.

Case No: E229

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