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Center for Social Innovation

Jeremy Sokulsky (MBA '04)

An interview with Jeremy Sokulsky (MBA '04)

Published: October 11, 2011

GSB Alum
What are your causes?

Lake Tahoe, Environmental Restoration, Government Performance

How do you contribute?

Management consulting to government land managers, environmental regulators and private conservation investors. I developed an environmental accounting structure that is the basis for water quality management to restore Lake Tahoe clarity. The Lake Clarity Crediting Program motivates effective action to restore lake clarity by defining environmental benefits from restoration projects and reporting those results annually. Lake Clarity Credits are being used to prioritize the investment of public funds and to define flexible performance targets for regulations.

What are important lessons you learned?

Applying performance measures and incentives in the public sector works to make bureaucrats act like investors with public funds. It is possible to shift environmental policy to incentivize environmental improvement in ways that create economic and community benefits, as opposed to the current set of policies that only prevent degradation and restrict economic activity.

What are your favorite social innovation resources?

Foundations of Success, Ecosystem Commons

Any last thought you would like to share?

This approach to quantifying and reporting environmental benefits is equally applicable to community and social sustainability. We are actively working on expanding the performance measures and accounting structure to support sustainability planning and implementation efforts in the Lake Tahoe Basin.