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Center for
Social Innovation

Center for Social Innovation

Hope Flammer (MBA '91)

An interview with Hope Flammer (MBA '91)

GSB Alum
Areas of activity:
Social Entrepreneurship
What are your causes?

We're big believers in the mind-body connection and the qasi-subversive impact of human voices. We donate VoiceQuilt services to military families that are trying to support a loved one overseas and to various non-profits trying to ease emotional and physical pain at the end of life.

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How do you contribute?

VoiceQuilt helps families celebrate loved ones with voice-based toasts, tributes and favorite memories. Our patented audio publishing platform makes it easy to create a playlist of voice messages that can be delivered electronically (email, download or Facebook) or embedded into gifts: “music boxes that play memories”. These playlists serve as either a "mini-This-Is-Your-Life" for happy events -- or as a virtual cheering squad or prayer chain during get well or military deployment situations.