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Center for
Social Innovation

Center for Social Innovation

Community Engagement

Leverage Management Expertise for Your Organization

Community service is integral to the learning process of our students and an ongoing commitment for many of our alumni. Tap into the expertise of the Stanford Graduate School of Business community while you help to shape the next generation of business leaders and social innovators.

Every year GSB students and alumni provide management expertise to social purpose organizations around the nation and the world, and in particular contribute to the well-being of the San Francisco Bay Area community. In the process, participants benefit from rich opportunities to learn and serve.

How can we reach out to you?

[photo - summer interns]

Summer Interns

Hire a Stanford MBA summer intern and gain valuable insight into a challenging project of importance to your organization. Supplemental funding available. See eligibility requirements for details.
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Impact Labs

Mentor a Stanford MBA in a limited-engagement, hands-on learning opportunity in nonprofit board governance, impact funding, or responsible business to facilitate student exploration of various approaches to have social and environmental impact in the world.

[photo - Alumni Consulting Team]

Strategy Consulting: Alumni Consulting Team (ACT)

Leverage the management expertise of Stanford Business School alumni, who provide pro bono consulting to Bay Area nonprofit organization.
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Other Resources

As much as we would like to work with every organization that seeks to collaborate with the center, our staff capability is limited. We provide here other pro bono resources that you might want to consider.

Other ways our community engages with the world

Some of our programs are run in partnership with globally recognized social entrepreneurs. By committing to selected partnerships over several years, we foster relationships with leaders and organizations around the world, build upon previous learning, and establish trust and continuity with partner organizations. For that reason, we do not frequently enter new partnerships.
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Social Innovation Study Trips

During winter and spring breaks, Stanford MBA students, accompanied by a faculty adviser, travel to meet with innovative organizations around the world and see, through engaged service and firsthand experience, how their management education can contribute to effective and sustainable solutions.